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Full Skinned Cat:
-made from a soft silicone for realistic feel/weight & movement
-bits of real rabbit fur
-resin teeth & claws
-cuts like real meat
-includes removable organs

Weight: 3lbs
Length: 25" head to tail

please keep away from animals as the smell of the real fur will attract them.

Turn around time: 7-10 days after the order is placed
-Patchwork Fur on paws (+ $30)
-No eyes (+ $5)
-Removable kitten fetus inside stomach (+ $40 per fetuse)

Full skinned cat

HargaMulai $141,54
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  • To remove dust gently wipe prop with a damp cloth.

    Try to avoid patches of fur, DO NOT SCRUB!
    Once dust is removed set prop on paper towels to air dry,
    this method also works if prop gets blood on the surface.